Neo-Marxist Ben Nelson Feels Vindicated by ObamaCare as a TAX…

Wow, neo-Marxist Ben Nelson feels vindicated by taking a backroom bribe for the deciding vote to pass partisan and job-killing ObamaCare?! The same ObamaCare that would have created a Medicare carve out for Nebraska alone, to be funded by the other 49 states forever?! Talk about hubris in criminality!
Even Harry Reid admitted and the liberal PBS Frontline documentary exposed Nelson’s infamous “Cornhusker Kickback” for what it was. Not to mention Nelson’s crony corruption and insider trading with Big Pharma, Big Trial Law, and with the Oligarch of Omaha, Warren Buffett. We shouldn’t forget that Nelson and his wife had millions invested with Buffett at the time and both made a hefty profit at the taxpayer’s expense.
So, to top it off, SCOTUS is telling us that Nelson lied to us all along about ObamaCare being the biggest TAX increase in world history. Now that Nelson’s ObamaCare is a massive TAX increase upon middle income families, Nelson says SCOTUS is not activist?! The hypocrisy is disgusting.
Even though Nelson’s ObamaCare takeover of healthcare is not considered a “mandate” under the Commerce Clause, the precedent has been set that the Federal Government can TAX any non-commerce and even our behavior. The IRS will now become the new enforcer of our healthcare, and as intended, businesses will be forced and coerced to throw their employees into the exchanges and private insurance will be history. Welcome to Ben Nelson’s socialized and rationed DMV healthcare that will be modeled upon Medicaid and the failed systems in Socialist countries.
Next, Ben Nelson’s new ObamaCare HHS “contraception” mandates, that include abortion-inducing drugs like Ella, threaten to shutdown every faith based hospital, clinic, school, and charity in not only Nebraska, but the entire nation. This includes, but is not limited to:
– St. Mary’s Hospital in Nebraska City
– Alegent Health in Omaha (recently acquired by Catholic Health)
– St. Elizabeth’s in Lincoln
– Nebraska Heart in Lincoln (also now Catholic Health)
– St. Francis in Grand Island
– Good Samaritan in Kearney
Justice Roberts did get one thing right in his ruling — that We The People can throw out radical, corrupt, arrogant, and lying politicians like Ben Nelson who give their constituents and the rule of law the middle-finger salute…
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