Libertinism Part Deux: Joseph Farah’s WND (World Net Daily) Blacklists Vets…

To follow-up on an earlier post, Joseph Farah’s WND website continues to blacklist conservatives, including Veterans, in favor of the hoards of Ron Paul minions. Since Robespierre Ron’s acolytes don’t even agree with much of what WND publishes, and don’t even purchase Whistleblower, it is indeed curious as to why Farah’s WND boots his own supporters? Not much of business model, but hey those Liberal-tarians are a wild and crazy bunch — to say the least…

When the Paulbots swoop in like a horde of Mongols, or better, like a plague of Egyptian locusts and frogs, and flag everyone who disagrees with their cult-of-personality worship of Liber-tarian Ron Paul, the moderators always boot out Conservatives and even Veterans who have sacrificed to uphold the 1st Amendment that Paulbots and Farah pay lip service to.

Correspondence with Farah’s Subscription Manager revealed that she and her moderators are Pro-Ron Paul bigtime! I even went so far as to cancel my subscription, but even though they promised to refund my subscription a month ago, they have yet to refund my money.

Maybe I should follow this breach of contract up in small claims court just to make a point and see if the media catch on to WND’s assaults upon Veterans. Get the word out that Joseph Farah and his WND cabal are anti-Veteran and pro-Ron Paul…


I am also forwarding your Whistleblower cancel/refund request to our customer service center. You should hear back from them some time tomorrow on this.


Janet Falkenstein


“Voluntaryist” Ron Paul is the only candidate who has joined Comrade Barry in stating on video that the Constitution has not worked and never will. In the same video, posted by his supporters over at von Mises Institute, Paul also calls for abolishing the military and Constitution…

Treason From Within:

“In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”—Thomas Jefferson

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