Ron Paul Files: Libertine Scorched Earth…

All Libertines, i.e., Liber-als + Ron Paul/Rockwell/Rothbard Liber-tarians, are in their very essence humanists. As two sides of the same ugly coin of Libertinism, Liber-als are humanists that gravitate towards collectivism, while Liber-tarians are humanists that seek anarchy in individualism. Liber-alism leads to the tyranny of despotism in all its varying forms, while Liber-tarianism leads to anarchy — the tyranny of individuals, who then form mob rule, and then come full circle back to despotism (hence the coin or circle analogy). We clearly see the difference in the American Revolution lead by Christians who kept to their Judeo-Christian moorings, and the Libertine version witnessed by the bloody and humanist French Revolution which rejected biblical morality. Ron Paul is an extremist like Thomas Paine and Robespierre were, and not in likeness of our Founder’s vision for the republic. One “Christian” Liber-tarian, who believes in honor killing by dueling to save face, threatened me with same in an online posting!

There are even some Liber-tarians like Ron Paul who claim to be “Christians”. However, by their rejection of God’s moral law, teaching on depravity, His ordination of human government to provide protection and justice in a fallen world, and revisionism of our Judeo-Christian based founding, they are shown to be of the worldly and licentious humanists. Whether they participate directly in immorality, or blithely “condone” it, this shows a clear rejection of biblical teaching on ethics. Some would say the oxymoron of “Christian humanism” is error, but it is actually heresy. This should come as no surprise as Ron Paul & Lew Rockwell’s mentor, Murray Rothbard, was a self-hating Jew and atheist like George Soros.

Government, as shown clearly in passages like Rom. 13:1-7 and 1 Peter 2:13+, etc., is ordained to be a deterrent to evil that leads to lawlessness. ALL law is based upon someone’s morality, and since our nation has its basis in Judeo-Christian law, those fundamental tenants must be upheld in our laws. Amendments to the Constitution, like against slavery (overturning Dred Scott), must be made as necessary, and as the Founders intended, to thwart an unraveling of our society.

As mentioned above, many so called Liber-tarian “Christians”, in keeping with their humanistic ideology, adamantly refuse to differentiate in how individual Christians are supposed to interact with the world and how God has ordained governments to uphold basic law and order in societies. Just as laws cannot force one to not murder, it does not mean that there shouldn’t be laws and punishment against it — even at the Federal level. Even though murder is wrong according to the Christian moral code, this is in no way “forcing people to be moral or even forcing them to be Christians”. Christians are also to work within the framework of the law as examples of godly citizens and only when governments require Christians to violate God’s law are they to refuse. Our Founders believed that in their cause they were working within both a biblical and the legal framework of the day.

When one understands the common root of humanism in both modern-day Liber-alism and Liber-tarianism, it is easy to see why they basically agree and work together on social issues and national (in)security policy. As collectivist vs. individualist humanists they mainly disagree over fiscal policy (yes, greed/money!). As we see in the news, Liber-tarians have naturally joined with the Occupy movement, blame America for the world’s ills, are magnets for anti-Semites and racial supremacists, and like many Liber-als are pro-choice on abortion, prostitution, gay marriage, bestiality, polygamy, legalizing all illicit drugs (a la London’s opium dens), etc. What can be more hubristic, rebellious, and scorched earth than Libertine humanism?

Ron Paul, as an advocate for anarchistic “Voluntaryism”, is seditiously anti-constitutional, and as a “Christian” humanist, anti-biblical…

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” Proverbs 14:12

“And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.” Mat 7:23

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